3 Advantages of the Cloud for Business Owners

Advantages of the Cloud for Business OwnersHave you heard about the cloud? Unless you’ve been living on an island (or under a rock) for the past few years chances are you have heard about it. Why? Because cloud computing has revolutionized the way Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) operate. Even if people are a bit scared about the “privacy risks” involved with storing data online, the numerous benefits of switching to the cloud are undeniable.

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Now MSME have access to a range of capabilities that could only be afforded by larger companies. Thanks to this technology revolution, entrepreneurs can rely on enhanced flexibility, optimized productivity, better level of security and reduced costs compete even with bigger companies.

If you are not on the cloud, then it’s time. Consider these three potential advantages to your business and explore if the cloud is where you need to be or not:

1. Enhanced Flexibility

Do you hate being tied to the office day in and day out? Who doesn’t? Recent studies indicated that staff members who are allowed more flexible work environments and schedules are more productive than those who work 9-to-5 in an office. Luckily, switching to the cloud and owning a cutting-edge phone system (like these ones) enables employees to work from any location, while they can still access all needed data.

Even more impressive is the fact that, since the entire company can be virtualized, business owners can find top talent from around the world. Think about it, there are no geographic boundaries with the cloud! You could get the right person for a very specific job anywhere around the world and have it working as if they were right there next to you.

2. Exceptional Level of Security

While there are minor risks associated with entrepreneurs using the cloud, there is actually an exceptional level of security when storing data in the cloud. Are you intrigued? Look at it this way: if you store everything in the cloud, you won’t lose any important data in the event of a disaster. Sensitive data stored offsite provides an extra layer of protection in case of theft or security breach. Therefore, you will always have a backup thanks to the cloud.

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3.Reduced Costs

Unlimited budget? Yeah right! There’s no such thing. Optimizing costs is a major concern for anyone, but especially for small business owners or freelancers with limited funds. Fortunately, cloud computing allows businesses to redirect funds, representing major financial savings.

By using the cloud, entrepreneurs can save in network hardware, while security or staffing for onsite data as it is all managed and stored in the cloud (offsite). Instead of wasting money on large servers and utility bills associated with cooling and operating the equipment, it is wiser to pay for the part of the cloud servers that are being used.

As an entrepreneur, keep in mind that you must consider your company’s computing needs, your industry as well as your budget before making a decision whether the cloud suits your small, medium-sized or large business.

We hope this information comes in handy. Have you made the switch to the cloud? How has it helped you and your employees be more productive? How has it improved cost optimization? Please don’t forget to leave a comment below-we would love to hear your insights.

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