How A/B Testing Can Lead to Maximized ROI

maximizing roiSplit testing, or A/B testing as it’s more commonly known in marketing, can lead to sizeable revenue gains over time. Even when the results of a test seem negligible – sometimes we’re talking about a .04 percent difference-, that tiny bump can mean thousands of dollars during surges or over the length of a site’s lifetime.

However, while it’s easy for me to sit here and tell you to A/B test everything on every web property and marketing campaign you’re a part of, the reality of the situation is that you only have so much time to actually set up and monitor everything. So, with that in mind, there are a few things that you should begin your split testing on before anything else. This is the only way you’ll ever know whether or not you “could have been doing it better” and make full use of your marketing dollar.

Product Sale Pages

If you have an ecommerce site set up, you need to be A/B testing individual product pages. Yes, it can take a ton of work to get split testing setup for all of your products, so don’t. Instead, take your ten or so top selling items and create split testing pages for them.

If your website is constructed from custom coding and markup, you’ll have to go through the effort of rebuilding those specific product pages, but CMS-built sites have a ton of tools and walkthroughs available to help get the job done. One of the better A/B test guides I’ve seen for WordPress is from wpbeginner, where they show how to split test while using Google Analytics with some rather ingenious ideas.

Email Campaigns

Depending on how you handle your email campaigns, split testing your emails might just mean rewriting and modifying a bunch of emails from scratch.

If that doesn’t sound like your idea of a good way to spend a few days’ work, email marketing services like GetResponse can help you A/B test emails campaigns with a couple clicks of your mouse while showing you practically immediate results between the differences. You can have the system change up all sorts of layout and delivery options, including day, time, graphics and language used for the various tests and you’ll only have to set up each change one time. It’ll even handle distribution for you in a very easy manner.

Other A/B Testing Ideas

Though those are the first things that you should be split testing, there’s a ton more than you ought to look into as well. A few parting examples to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Banner Placement
  • Primary Site/Advert Colors
  • Menu Order
  • Shopping Cart layout
  • Simple vs Informational Landing Page
  • Suggestive or High-Pressure Language

So go out there and start split testing everything you have time for, then split test those results until you can statistically do no better. You won’t believe how the most trivial things or how the smallest changes can yield a whopping increase or ROI or better yet – turn a breakeven campaign to a profiting one.

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