7 Features to Look for in an Attendance Management System

attendance management systemOne of the most important aspects of any business is the workforce. It is after all, your employees who implement your strategies and convert plans into action. As so much of your company’s productivity depends on their efforts, monitoring their performance is indeed crucial. This is why it is essential to track working hours of employees, and the practice can benefit both the employer and employee.

Unfortunately, traditional methods used to record time and task execution leave a lot to be desired. On the other hand, technologically advanced biometric attendance management systems are more accurate and efficient. A system with all the right features and inbuilt safeguards will not only help you manage your workforce better, but will also ultimately help improve efficiency and output.

Here are some of the essential features to have in a time and attendance system for your employees:

1. Data Visualization

Be sure to install a system that not only records the details of time and attendance, but also presents the data. Visualization tools that display various indicators of an employee’s performance are instrumental in reviewing their efficiency. This helps employers make a more accurate and fair assessment of employees, allowing for better rewards or positions based on performance.

2. Planning and Schedule

Choose a time management software that allows you to program the various time schedules for your staff members. This feature not only allows you to verify whether the schedules are being followed, but you can also keep track of the hours spent in overtime accurately and make payouts accordingly.

3. Integrated Function

Make sure that you can connect the time and attendance system to various other applications on your network. This proves to be a hassle-free way of integrating all important data, such as payrolls and resource planning, along with human resources, attendance, and working hours.

4. Storage Capacity

Ensure that the system you choose to track the attendance and timings of your staff is capable of storing huge quantities of data. This is especially important if you have a large workforce at a single workplace, or if you wish to retain past records.

5. Effective User Interface

It is important to have a biometric time and attendance machine that is user-friendly and causes minimum inconvenience to employees, as they enter or leave. Such a system would usually consist of high-quality sensors and would employ a quick process for verification of identity. This is crucial, as a complex user interface would defeat the purpose of an automated system. Look for a system that allows the use of different types of readers such as bar codes, fingerprints, and facial recognition.

6. Ease of Programming

Make sure that you pick a time and management software that can be easily configured on your system and office network, with good compatibility on all your operating systems, so that there is little risk of any technical glitches. It should also be compatible with other important devices such as printers and modems. Such ease of programming makes it easier for you to access the data as and when you need it.

7. Battery Backup

The system should include an inbuilt power backup feature, in case of power failures, so that crucial information is not lost. Such a feature also allows you to access and secure data, even after the system has stopped working.
The benefits and importance of an attendance management system cannot be overstated. When choosing such a system however, make it a point to do thorough research and find out how the system fares with all of these features, before making a purchase. Click here for more information.

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