Best Tech Tools for Making Money

money making toolsOne of the best developments in technology in recent years has been that there are more and more tools that people can use to make supplemental income.

There are plenty of entirely online jobs as well, but specifically there are tools, apps, and services emerging every year that allow users to use their own skills to earn a bit of cash on the side.

These tools exist across numerous devices and involve an extremely broad range of specific skills and methods.

But here are five in particular that can be useful in today’s tech-oriented world!

1. Survey Apps

Survey apps and websites have a somewhat poor reputation, and before anyone gets too excited it’s important to note that they are not reliable for significant income. But for a bit of extra spending money, there are now a number of fairly efficient, and even enjoyable survey app options. A 2013 US News article listed five of the best such apps, including the popular iPinion and GigWalk.

2. Web Design

Web design is a difficult process that not just anyone can pull off, but increasingly, web design templates and sites allow for simple design. For example, WordPress can be figured out with some diligence and careful attention, but ultimately it still requires some level of html knowledge if you want to make a truly polished and professional website. Alternatives like Wix, however, are making it much easier for inexperienced designers to design extremely high-quality sites. If you can take the time to figure out how to use one of these sites, you’ll gain an extremely marketable and in demand freelance skill to use as a side occupation.

3. App Building

App building is a bit more complex than web design, and tends to appeal more to people with specific computer science and technology backgrounds and education. That said, however, a single decent app can become a source of income with relatively low maintenance. Mashable has posted a guide that can be very helpful for those with interest in building apps, with an in-depth focus on the creative process behind the PhotoKast app. In the end, it’s quite time consuming, but once it’s done, it’s done, and it may keep making you money!

4. Online Gambling

Once seen as a somewhat risky or insecure hobby, online gambling has become nothing short of a booming international business, with dozens of reliable sites and platforms that allow users the chance to make some cash. There are no guarantees in gambling, of course, so this is not “income” so much as a bonus opportunity, but there are some perks that make Internet gambling more appealing. Online poker site Bet Fair has multiple examples of such perks, with various promotions on hand for first-time players, etc. to start off gaming without risking a great deal of cash. These sorts of concepts serve almost as trial periods, and allow users to be strategic about their gambling.

5. Money Management Apps

Finally, there are money management apps, which don’t necessarily make you any money, but which can generate savings in a way that certainly feels like supplemental income. Daily Finance posted a list of seven such apps last summer, though it’s increasingly clear that Mint is becoming the favorite choice. This particular app allows users to define their budgets and then monitor expenses with clarity and ease. The sharp interface and easy use make it very easy for users to note trends and adjust finances accordingly, thus generating savings.

Sometimes we focus too much on new devices, operating systems, etc. that we forget just how innovative the services we can use with these tools can be. But for those looking to add a bit to their bank accounts with relative ease, the world of technology is offering more options just about every month.

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