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Protecting Seniors Online

It’s a sad fact that many scammers and hackers will try to take advantage of the vulnerability of Senior citizens. Some scammers may feel that they have accumulated wealth which makes them a favorite target, while others

5 Ways to Improve the Safety and Efficiency of Your Warehouses

If you run a business that involves the handling and delivering of lots of products and items, then you know that the warehouse is the centerpiece of your business. All commercial businesses, from manufacturing to shipping to

5 Reasons Why You Need Video Surveillance at Home

Your home is the one place where you can truly let go of your worries and relax. Unfortunately, it may not always be as safe as you believe it to be. Although our homes may provide us

3 Web Security Tools that Take the Pressure Off Web Designers

Designers can take an idea and turn it into a masterpiece of user interactivity, and because of their competence in all things aesthetic and interface, they’re often asked to undergo tasks that, honestly, should not fall on

Cybercriminals Create Social Media Scam By Making False Claims Of MH370 Discovery

Cybercriminals have stooped to a new low by using a photograph depicting a crashed plane and claiming that it is the missing Malaysia MH370 plane. This photo is actually a picture of a 2013 plane crash of

Ridding Your PC of Malware

Most PC users take common sense precautions to avoid infecting their computer with a virus. Even when you avoid suspicious websites or don’t open questionable emails, you can still be prone to infections. Today’s Trojan horse viruses

iPhone 5S Touch ID: Good for Consumers, Bad for Hackers?

Since Apple acquired the biometric authentication company, AuthenTec, in 2012, people have been waiting for the introduction of a fingerprint reader. Now, it is here, and it is known as Touch ID and proves to be a