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10 Statistics That Illustrate The Power of Social Media Video

If content is king, then it’s video that takes the crown. Social media has evolved quite a bit over the last few years. It went from a personal and casual communications tool to a serious marketing engine.

Does Facebook Cause Depression?

Facebook seems harmless enough, however a new study suggests that for those who spend a great deal of time on the social media site, it could be negatively impacting their mental health. This generally results from users

Marketing Potential of Snapchat

First it was Google Adwords, followed by Facebook, and then Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest, and Vine. Now, Snapchat is the newest marketing platform on the block. The question is: can it deliver? What is the marketing potential of

Why Social Integration Is Inevitable for Brands

Within the past decade, incorporating some measure of social media into advertising has become essential for businesses. Every corporate website now has a small cluster of networking links within their contact page, with pages on Facebook, a

Twitter Adds Convenient New Mute Feature

Social media forums can be a great source for sharing ideas and participating in interesting discussions. However, it can also be a source of annoyance when certain users get out of control. Sometimes you just wish you

Facebook Purchases WhatsApp for Lofty Price ($19 Billion)

After the mobile messaging app known as Snapchat rejected Facebook’s $3 million purchase offer, the social network has since moved on to pursue another mobile messaging endeavor. Facebook has recently purchased WhatsApp, a popular instant messaging app,

Facebook Photo Sync Option is Now Available for iOS Users

The news is out that Facebook Photo Sync option is now available for iOS users. Formerly just an option for those who used Android, this option is now still in the test phase and may not currently