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Top 6 Freelancing Countries in The World

Freelancing is the act of performing one’s duties outside of the chain of command. The good thing about freelancing is that the market has no boundaries. Freelancers can live and work in any part of the world;

Marketing for the Future

Nothing stays the same in this life, and this couldn’t be truer for the advancement of technology, and how individuals interact and react to it.  This presents an ever-increasing challenge to franchisees who are constantly striving to

Solar Panels: Facts and Figures

The solar energy market has grown immensely over the past few years. After a slow start during the early 1990s, the solar energy industry has become one of the fastest growing sectors in the economy. Year on

How Weather Affects Your Solar Panels

When living in the North, a place where it seasonally snows and the weather can be severe, the idea of installing solar panels can seem problematic. In fact, any region that seems to have more cloudy than

The High Cost of Poor Maintenance in Kitchen Equipments

Kitchen equipment is not only very expensive, but also important to running an eatery, restaurant, food truck, hotel, cafeteria… in fact, anywhere there’s need for the preparation and consumption of meals. The key to making them last

Salient Features of 4G Technology

Mobile phone evolution is much similar to human evolution, just speed it up like a million times. Within 2 decades mobile phones has transformed from a brick to a multitasking gadget. Mobile phones when it was introduced

The Advent of Mobile Data and Technology

Network and connectivity has evolved greatly over the years. Today, we can’t even imagine stepping out of the house without our cellular devices. The very thought that we will be disconnected from the world for a few

Latest Budget Smartphones in The Market

Some of the best mobiles under Rs. 15000 (US$225) are 4G mobiles that are packed with the latest features that will simply blow your mind. If you think owning a 4G enabled smartphone is expensive, it’s far