Facebook Photo Sync Option is Now Available for iOS Users

The news is out that Facebook Photo Sync option is now available for iOS users. Formerly just an option for those who used Android, this option is now still in the test phase and may not currently be available to all iOS users. The new iOS Photo Sync testing is an ongoing continuation of the testing that has been done for Android users over the past couple of months. If this feature catches on and Facebook continues to use it, it may become a more popular way of sharing photos than using the Google+ Instant Uploads feature.

How Will This Photo Sync Option Work?

facebook photo syncingIf you happen to be one of the iOS users who can currently try out this option, it’s fairly simple to use. Simply go to Facebook for iOS app sidebar and navigate to the Photo app. You may also use the Timeline photo section feature. If the Photo Sync option is available for you at this time, you should see an area after you’ve scrolled to the bottom that will give you this option. After you enable the Photo Sync option, Facebook uploads your photos automatically. Don’t worry about privacy issues, as at this part of the uploading process, only you will be able to view an unpublished album where these photos will appear. You may later go back and review your photos, deciding which ones you do or do not want to be posted.

More information about using the “enable” or “disable” option for Photo Sync can be found on the Facebook Help Center. Users should read up on this information before beginning to use the option, as Facebook will try to upload the photos you take immediately by default. This can be problematic for those who have limited data plans, but there are ways to configure the settings to avoid using all of your data on Photo Sync.

Why Facebook Waited Until Now To Unveil This Option

The main reason why Facebook wasn’t already using the Photo Sync option for iOS was due to privacy. Not wanting to alarm users for fear their personal photos they didn’t want published were being seen by everyone, they wanted to get the kinks worked out first to ensure their users privacy was protected.

There were also technical reasons, this task was much easier to accomplish when using the Androids, as developers have a great range of freedom to do as they pleased with their phone. However, iOS is more rigidly controlled.

What About The Competition?

Now that the Facebook Photo Synching Option is now available for iOS users, it could pose some competition for Google+ Instant Uploads. This option should not threaten other photos apps such as Dropbox, which deals more with photo backup rather than photo sharing.


With the recent acquisition of Instagram, combined with the fact that users currently upload 300 million images each day to Facebook, it’s safe to say they have a strong lead in the photo race. If, after testing is completed, Facebook decides to make the Photo Sync a permanent option for all iOS and Android users, even more people will be sharing their photos with ease.

[Image credit: Facebook Help Center]

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