Finding The Fake Girlfriend of Your Dreams Just Got Easier

Due to the recent girlfriend hoax played out by Manti Te’o, a Notre Dame linebacker, the Internet has recently been flooded with a new type of website that offers imaginary Internet girlfriends. By using these websites, anyone can now have a fake girlfriend, even the girl of their dreams.

internet fake girlfriend

Why Get a Fake Girlfriend? And How?

The idea behind creating a fake girlfriend is not generally done for ill intent, but rather for personal reasons. One might do so to make a girlfriend or ex-girlfriend jealous, or to appease those people in your life who are constantly nagging you to get a girlfriend. The idea behind this is similar to the concept of “catfishing”, a terms that originates from a 2010 documentary by filmmaker Nev Schulman. The documentary, entitled “Catfish”, is all about an Internet romance that went wrong. The term “catfishing” has come to mean the act of creating false identities on the Internet, so the concept of creating an imaginary girlfriend is almost like catfishing that you do to yourself.

Enormously Popular Site Shut Down

Recently, one of these websites offering fake girlfriends was forced to shut down because of a crackdown by Facebook. A reporter named Dave Lee , who works for BBC technology happened to mention one of these sites called Cloud Girlfriend as he was documenting how to go about finding an Internet girlfriend through one of these sites. Because of his dropping the name of the website, the site was then flooded with over 85,000 requests. Due to this intensely high volume of visitors and the actions taken by Facebook, this site is now closed down.

Even Fake Girlfriends Can Be Expensive

Some sites offering imaginary Internet girlfriends actually charge a monthly fee for their services. One site that is still in current operation, at least until Facebook has something to say about it, is called Expect to pay a few hundred dollars a month to enjoy the benefits of this site, approximately $250 a month to be exact. For your money, social media profiles will be created, as well as a background and profile story all about your long distance, non-existent Internet love. Your “girlfriend” will also leave a couple of phone messages for you each month that you keep the service, as well as send up to ten text messages to you per month.

Keep It Discreet

Your personal discretion is guaranteed when using any of these types of services. There is also a disclaimer that you must agree to , and that is that you can never meet your imaginary girlfriend in “real life”, under any circumstances. So even if you decide that you want to actually meet the girl who is leaving your romantic phone messages and texts each month, there is no possibility of that happening.

Fake Girlfriends In Spanish

For those who do not speak English, there is site called Namaro Fake, a Brazilian based service for those who speak Spanish. At this time, Namaro Fake does not provide services for English speaking clients.

Affordable Fake Girlfriends

If you cannot afford the hefty $250 per month for a fake girlfriend, there is a more budget friendly service out there known as Users can have a fake girlfriend send them a text message , or perhaps leave a phone message, or do some other small girlfriend like gesture for only $5 per use. This transaction can be competed through PayPal. Similar to this, another site called Fiverr also charges a $5 fee for fake girlfriends to send a text or letter. These are sent by other users who are merely posing as the girlfriend.


As you can see, the Internet has made it easier that ever to find an imaginary companion. Fake girlfriends come in price ranges to suit any budget, and can provide a pretty convincing story for those you are trying to impress.

[Image credit: Joli Film, Flickr]

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