Bendable Battery Could Make Flexible Phones A Reality

batteryHave you ever imagined carrying a flexible phone that could bend? Thanks to a research team in South Korea led by Professor Lee Sang-Young and nine other researchers, you may no longer need to imagine it, as they have currently developed the technology that could one day make a flexible phone a reality.

The newly developed flexible battery could yield ‘bendy’ phones, now that scientists have found a way to use fluid-like polymer electrolytes which are imprintable and much more stable than conventional lithium-ion batteries.

What Makes This Technology Different?

Lithium-ion battery varieties can pose some safety issues due to the liquefied electrolytes used in them. When exposed to heat, these batteries sometimes would have both positive and negative ingredients coming into contact, which resulted in the explosion of the battery. With the new technology, this risk of explosion is greatly reduced, as the method involves spreading electrolytes onto electrodes and then placing them under ultraviolet light for several seconds. The biggest part of this technological breakthrough is the fact that the process through which the flexible batteries are made actually turns the electrolytes into small flexible cases that are self contained, reducing the chance of coming into contact with each other and causing an explosion.

Flexible Phone Displays Already Exist

bendable phone displayAlthough flexible housings for a bendable phone could easily be designed, designing a flexible ‘bendy’ phone was a fruitless effort until now since there was no way to supply the power with which to operate the phone. Why would anyone even want a bendable phone? Who knows, the fact is, it would most likely be a huge selling point and a hot and trendy item.

Samsung recently presented some flexible displays that could actually be folded in half as well as rolled into the shape of a cylinder. Around the same time, in Canada, Queen’s University presented an impressive tablet with a touch screen interface that is literally as thin as a piece of A4 paper. Although these inventions were very creative and wowed the crowds, they were merely ideas that could never see their full potential until the development of a flexible battery.

When Can You Buy A ‘Bendy’ Phone?

With this technology still being in it’s earliest development, it may be a little while before we are actually able to purchase a flexible phone. As the technology continues to advance, this could possibly pave the way for even more flexible items. There may one day come a time when people can simply reach into the garment they are wearing, which just so happens to be sporting a flexible battery or battery charging system for their mobile phone.

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Although it may still awhile yet before this latest technology hits the stores and is made available to the public, you can be sure now that it has been created, the major phone and computer manufacturers will be hot on the trail of making all the plans necessary to come up with their own version of a flexible phone or tablet as soon as possible. Be expecting to hear some big announcements regarding bendable batteries and flexible phones within the next few years.

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