Gatorade Smart Bottle Technology Used at World Cup 2014

gatorade smart bottle

When it comes to keeping international players from worldwide soccer teams hydrated, it takes more than simply keeping a water bottle on hand. This year, for the 2014 World Cup players, Gatorade is giving them a hand by introducing new ways to keep team players well hydrated.

More Than Just Drinking More Water

The change doesn’t simply involve trading in water for Gatorade, or other high performance sports drinks, but actually brings the Internet into play. The Gatorade company has now teamed up with a company called Smart Design and together they have come up with a smarter way to ensure that athletes stay hydrated. This invention is called the Gatorade Smart Bottle.

Gatorade Smart Bottle

The Gatorade Smart Bottle contains a sensor packed disc in the lid that has WiFi connectivity. The sensor monitors how much each player drinks and the data collected is then transmitted to the cloud, where the coaches and trainers of the athletes have access to a dashboard that monitors their players. If is found that a player has not been drinking enough, a red water droplet icon will appear, informing them that the player needs to drink more to stay hydrated. All information is kept in a log so that a player’s hydration habits, as well as performance, can be tracked over a period of time.

If needed, a player can also slip a disc of Gatorade concentrate into the bottle which has been specially formulated to fit their personal recovery needs. Over a period of two years, Gatorade studied the Brazilian National Team to determine the optimal mix for each soccer player, as well as how much drink they should consume in order to safely push themselves to the limit for a period of an hour and a half. The player simply slips the disc onto the base of the bottle, gives it a shake, then drinks.

The new smart bottle technology takes the guess work out of knowing how much a player should drink in order to remain safely hydrated during the World Cup games.

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