“Google it” is Making Us More Forgetful

google itThe popular search engine Google is part of the daily lives of many people who use the Internet. With so much information on just about anything and everything imaginable available at our fingertips anytime day or night, it’s no wonder.

However, with this wealth of information and ease of use, there is a downside.

Researchers have recently discovered that due to the fact that so many people rely so heavily on computers and smartphones to look up information, we are in turn relying less on our own brains. This means that with the advances in Internet technology, we are becoming more forgetful as humans. Studies have shown that the more we use Google, the more forgetful we are.

Reliance On Information Just “Being There”

Part of this problem is rooted in the fact that people have become so reliant on being able to look up information online or store the information on their computers, that they find there is not much of a reason to have to rely on their own memory. People can get a false sense of security when they feel they don’t need to remember anything because they can just “look it up”.

Don’t Consider Google To Be Part Of Your Cognitive Abilities

Some people have become so dependent on Google and other search engines that they are actually starting to consider it to be almost an extension of themselves and their own brain.

Studies have shown that while most people remembered certain important historical facts and dates that happened before the Internet, they were less likely to remember those types of important details for more recent events. This is mainly because these people did not take the effort to remember these details because they knew that they could simply use the Internet to search for the information.

What This Means For The Future Of History

With people taking less time to truly memorize important facts, what will this mean for the future? People are paying less attention to what is really happening in the world because they can just check it out online.

Meanwhile, future generations may miss out on first hand accounts and great educational and bonding experiences associated with the “old fashioned” learning experiences of reading about these happenings in books or hearing about them from people who experienced them.

In the past, the ability to be able to recall certain information with our minds was considered to be an important part of human intelligence. However, with everything being readily available with a few keystrokes or touches on a smartphone screen, those days might be becoming a thing of the past.

Learning information and being able to recall that information through our own memories is important. Don’t allow yourself to get completely immersed in the world of technology to the point where you are not using your brain’s true potential. Gain and remember information through school, books, and life experiences, because one day you may have to rely solely on your own wits instead of a computer.

Google is great to incorporate into your life as a learning tool, but should not be relied on in place of your actual brain power and memory.

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