5 Ways to Improve the Safety and Efficiency of Your Warehouses

warehouse safetyIf you run a business that involves the handling and delivering of lots of products and items, then you know that the warehouse is the centerpiece of your business. All commercial businesses, from manufacturing to shipping to retail uses warehouses to power some portion of their business.

For something this important, safety and security must be a priority. Warehouses, by their very nature, harbor significant dangers and risks. There’s always a possibility of accidents in the warehouse, loss of inventory or equipment, poor accountability, and other hazards.

So what can you do to safeguard your employees and assets?

Automated Storage and Retrieval

Automated storage equipment in the warehouse generally helps make the warehouse safer for both the products, employer, and employees. But not only that, they impose a level of organization and automation that speeds the manufacturing and fulfillment process, working immediately to save you measurable time and money.

What this means is that because the products are better kept and arranged, accidents are less likely to happen, and there’s less likelihood of excessive waste and error. They can also save you space, as in the instance of vertical lift modules, allowing a higher ceiling for scaling your operations.

Train Your Employees and Workers in Safety Practices

Every year, there are about 15,000 accidents happening in warehouses across the US. All these, naturally, result in lost productivity and greater expenses for the company. There’s every reason in the world to invest in proper training and safety practices — it reduces the rate of incidents and allows for immediate mitigation of the consequences of any that occur by empowering the same people who are already the lifeblood of your business with the capacity to protect it, and themselves.

Good Employee Product Handling

It’s important to train your employees in how to handle your products. This is usually the first line of defense to cutting back on product wastage in the organization — it’s not just insurance against injury. Your assets will be better cared for, and your process will benefit from increased efficiency.

All Employees Should Have Identifiable Tags

Warehouse safety is further improved by employee identification. Acting like you belong somewhere is a pretty good way to avoid notice. It’s not just a trick to avoid social anxiety, criminals have been using it for time immemorial. Systems for identification and monitoring can reduce this threat, in addition to providing, by default, additional resources to fall back on in terms of accountability-to-process.

Adopt Industry Standard Safety Procedures

Adopting the standard practices or your industry is important. And, in fact, many are simply mandated by the regulations that control their behavior. All employees in the warehouse must be wearing protective personal equipment. There should be designated standing areas in the warehouse. Standardized safety procedures facilitate the training of your employees, no matter the facility, and stress the importance your business places on safety. In addition to the obvious benefits, your staff will appreciate this kind of work environment.

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