Internet Explorer 10 Reaches Windows 7 Users

internet explorer 10In an effort to compete with Google Chrome and regain it’s foothold in the mobile browsing market, Microsoft Corp has released a new version of Internet Explorer this February. Internet Explorer 10 was introduced to millions of users as an attempt to gain back users that may have discontinued using Internet Explorer and migrated over to Chrome.

Microsoft, being the world’s largest software maker, have prior success with earlier versions of Internet Explorer bumping out competitors such as Netscape Navigator, when both browsers were new to the world wide web. Internet Explorer 10 is said to download 20 percent faster than the previous version of Internet Explorer 9, and also offers a touch screen command feature.

Adding Windows 7 Users Brings More Exposure For Internet Explorer 10

Although Internet Explorer 10 has been available for Windows 8 users since October of 2012, it has now expanded to reach the 700 million Internet users that use a Windows 7 operating system. Microsoft’s goal is to have this new version catch on and become popular to encourage consumers to choose a Windows 8 tablet purchase over the competition, the Apple iPad. The Apple iPad does not use any version of Internet Explorer.

How IE 10 Stands Up Against The Competition

Still today, Internet Explorer remains a dominate force in the web browser industry. In taking into consideration all versions of Internet Explorer being used, it is thought this makes up about 55 percent of the entire browser market. In the past few years, IE has lost some users to the main competitors, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. Firefox has cornered about 20 percent of the market, while Chrome has taken about 17 percent, according to NetMarketShare.

So far, people using Windows 8 and running Internet Explorer 10 have given it good reviews, and it is thought to be the best IE version to date. Still, there has been no real indication that users prefer IE 10 over the competition.

Mobile Browsers: Can Internet Explorer Compete?

When it comes to mobile browsers, a smaller market, Apple leads the way with Safari at 61 percent. This can be attributed to the popularity of iPhones and iPads. Google has managed to win over about 21 percent of mobile browser users with Android.

Even though Internet Explorer 10 has been around since October 2012, it has not become as popular yet as hope, mainly due to the fact that tablets operating with Windows 8 have not done especially well in sales so far. It is estimated that at this time, that only 2.3 percent of computers are using Windows 8.


In introducing Internet Explorer 10 to users of Windows 7 users, Microsoft stands a better chance of their new IE version gaining increasing popularity. Time will tell if this marketing strategy yields the desired results. With faster downloading speeds and touch screen function, this version does have some appealing qualities not offered in older versions of Internet Explorer. However, will it be enough to stand it’s ground against Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox? An even better question is whether or not Internet Explorer will ever be able to compete against the Apple mobile products.

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