Making Waves with Wearable Technology

wearable technologyCan companies attract sci-fi lovers as well as technology enthusiasts? Well, if you loved Tom Cruise in Minority Report, we loved the way various scanning devices scanned Tom Cruise’s eye, only to show an ad that was specific to his liking. These ads not only addressed him with his name but also ensured that they detected a common thread on which they could display ads.

There’s no reason to doubt the existence of such technologies in today’s world. With the advent of the smartphone and wearable technologies like Google glass. Whether the world has accepted newer technologies with advanced production design and development, intrinsically similar to the smartphone is left to be seen.

Can wearable technology be in the foreseeable future?

No matter how far-fetched the idea of having a technology that you can wear and access while on-the-go may seem, it’s quite possible to change the way we look gaining information. As essentially, wearable technology extends to wearing technology that can be worn and used to access information anywhere at any time. Miniaturizing technology and automation software enhanced to the level where one can literally wear the technology as they walk around, is not only a revolution but a foreseeable future. Not to mention that most consumers have lapped up the technology for the simple reason that the technology is priced quite reasonably.

Some of the most popular wearable technologies are written below:

1. Smart glasses

One of the most popular spectacles or glasses that have been produced under the wearable technologies has been the Google glass. Having information regarding a particular feature in front of your eyes, ready for you to read and follow, is irreplaceable. But, the technology is slowly becoming popular bypassing the initial roadblocks such as privacy, causing distraction and other factors. Gone are the days of having traditional glasses that only enhance the vision of the wearer, it’s time to welcome a pair of glasses that will inevitably allow you to read additional information about a certain product or service as you pass them by.

2. Smart watch

In front of this technology, the smartphone seems redundant. One of the most attractive features of the smart watch is the fact that it allows notifications to be sent without having a smartphone in hand. Apart from being an accessory, it ensures that it is an informative device as well.

3. Shirts

Imagine having an apparel that changes as your mood swings. Not only does it become a style statement, but it’s a statement of your personality.

4. Fitness Gadgets and other smart gadgets that can be worn

Fitness bands have been creating waves around fitness freaks as it tracks the calories burned, the distance traveled and various other factors such as body fat etc.

Call them vanity gadgets or essential equipment or apps that have changed the way we look at accessories. With major technological giants breaking the barriers to merge technology with accessories, the future of wearable technology that will be easily accessible and affordable is not too far.

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[Image credit: NYC Media Lab, Flickr]

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