Marketing for the Future

marketing for the future

Nothing stays the same in this life, and this couldn’t be truer for the advancement of technology, and how individuals interact and react to it.  This presents an ever-increasing challenge to franchisees who are constantly striving to communicate with their target audience in the most efficient way possible.  So, as society evolves, what shape will future marketing strategies take in order to adapt and capitalize?  Read on to find out more.

Information generation

We operate in a different world than in the past, which means marketing strategies need to rise to the challenges change brings.  With the growth of the internet, social media and mobile technology, franchise owners are no longer able to control information that consumers receive about their goods or services.  Individuals have the opportunity to voice their opinions on almost anything, which means that marketing campaigns really need to up their game to ensure they react to what is being said about them.  Marketing of the future will therefore focus even more heavily on keeping abreast of feedback and opinions and ensuring there is more positive than negative out there.

As part of the constant quest to keep on top of what people are saying about products, a business will need to utilize analytics even more as part of future marketing strategies.  Marketers now have the opportunity to get their mitts on a huge amount of information such as the success of marketing campaigns.  They are able to monitor consumer behavior through testing and data management, enabling them to adapt campaigns to reach their audience in the most effective manner.

Creating value

In the past, when consumers bought goods or services, marketeers homed in on them in order to try and sell them other products and services.  It was their way of implementing added value thinking.  But in recent times, consumers have become tired of this strategy; they don’t want to be told what they should or shouldn’t be buying, and it has led to a feeling of mistrust.  Marketing of the future needs to regain the trust in consumers; they need to try and add value in a different way that doesn’t make the consumer feel like their needs aren’t really being listened to.  Value should be seen as not something that is added as part of the process.  Relationship marketing will therefore take on a more prominent role in order to help regain trust back from consumers.

Explosion in technology

In the future franchise owners will have a huge range of technology at their fingertips to use as part of their marketing campaigns.  The challenge will be deciphering which are the best and most efficient to use for them.  The wide range of choices will increase the degree of sophistication needed to optimize future marketing plans.

Mobile phone technology will, in particular, be a critical medium for future marketing campaigns as most people these days are heavily reliant on their Smartphones.  Mobile advertising on key sites, mobile-friendly sites and mobile applications will be the forefront in enabling messages to be conveyed to key audiences.

SMS marketing will take on an even bigger role, and discerning franchise owners of the future will need to be fluent in writing effective SMS messages that are to the point and get the message across.  It will be a totally different style of marketing copywriting to that employed in traditional forms of marketing.

As companies try and reach out to a wider range of customers and potential customers, they are going to continue to utilize SMS technology and the use of automated marketing voice messages, which can send instant messages across to a wide audience without the need for making individual calls.  Technology and its uses will therefore be a massive factor in future marketing campaigns and keeping abreast of changes in this field will be vital for a company’s success.

About the author: Since starting on the marketing for the Principal Homebuyers website, Jon Platy has learnt the value in taking a unique and multi-disciplined approach to the success of the home buying website.

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