10 Statistics That Illustrate The Power of Social Media Video

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If content is king, then it’s video that takes the crown.

Social media has evolved quite a bit over the last few years. It went from a personal and casual communications tool to a serious marketing engine. For over a decade, business leaders all over the globe have been using social media. This transformed the way they communicated with their employees and their customers. Written content was king. These days, however, it’s video content that takes the crown. Don’t get me wrong; written content is great. But when is the last time you saw an article go viral?

The popularity of online videos has immensely grown and businesses are already starting to capitalize on the trend. Today, it’s more important than ever for marketers to start using engaging video content. But don’t take my word for it — I’ve got a few relevant facts to back me up:

To begin, why does it even work?

The human brain processes video with much less effort than written content, allowing it to tell a story in a more direct and effective way. We can instantly connect with something that is presented visually and studies tell us that 65% to 85% of people are visual learners. That’s quite a lot of people that understand and create perceptions based on what they see, rather than what they read. Let’s break that down into bits:

People remember 20% of what they hear, 30% of what they see and 70% of what they see and hear. The information retained from one minute of video alone is said to be worth the equivalent of some 1.8 million words.

We pick up on all those small nuances that just get lost in translation when written down. Now, as a marketer, quality content is your bread and butter. The way your message comes across is key. So instead of having to rely on words that just say the bare minimum, your video content can provide that extra nuance to capture people’s attention for the entire length of your message. Now, with social media added to the mix, the entire theory gets an extra boost. Social media adds a face to your message. Suddenly, brands that seemed distant and sterile start feeling familiar and personal. Today, it’s no longer an unknown salesperson or actor telling people what to think. It’s people that already love talking about your product, and I’m not just talking about famous people. In the world of social media, everyone can become an ambassador for your brand — giving brands and advertisers another powerful reason to use engaging video content in their marketing message. But most importantly, you want to be where your customers are spending the most time. Which brings us to the next point of how much time do we spend watching video content?

How much time do we spend watching video content?

Numerous studies confirm that people are devouring video content like never before. Pew Research Center noted that in 2013, 78% of people watched at least one video a week, and 55% watched one every day.

According to YouTube’s analysis of their 2013 viewership, over 1 billion unique users visit YouTube every month. Every day, people watch 500 years of video content on Facebook. On Twitter, 700 YouTube videos are shared every minute. This is both mind-boggling and unprecedented. Of course, these days, there’s more to think of than just how much time people spend on video. People have become extremely impatient and expect immediate gratification. Video content helps you with that.

Leading into the next statistic, people lack any sort of attention span

People tend to be impatient as it takes people only 8 seconds to decide if you’re worth their time or not.

And just like your website, on social media, marketers have just a few seconds to grab the attention of the prospect. Research shows that our brain processes visuals about 60,000 times faster than text. Written text just doesn’t do that as well. It’s why companies use images to grab that first spike of interest. The next step is to keep people’s attention focused on what you’re trying to say. By creating a video, you are making it much more convenient for your customers to get your point. And what’s more, when people see a video, they tend to associate credibility with your brand — especially when the content is presented by someone they are already invested in.

In addition, videos build credibility

This can be said about all types of visuals. It develops a trust between you and your audience. By adding short and entertaining videos to your company’s social media pages, you will increase the chance of keeping people there. They feel like they can associate with your brand which, in turn, increases the amount of shares you get from a piece of content.

Social media videos ooze personal interest

On social media, everything suddenly becomes endorsed by someone your customers know, making your content all the more personal, and personalized to your prospects. Videos are almost always custom content, and it just so happens that people like their content to be made just for them. In fact, 78% of people believe that companies that create custom content also want to build a better relationship with their customers.

People just like sharing videos on social media

Naturally, when people associate with your content and feel like they can trust your brand, people will start talking about what you have to offer. It seems that video has a leg up, though. One of the big social media trends of 2015, is the dominance of video sharing over other media. Research shows that videos are shared 1,200% more often than simple links and text posts combined. And after watching a brand’s video on a platform like YouTube or Periscope, 75% of users visit the brand’s website to find the product.

Video content is easier to consume

Only 20 percent of online visitors will actually read through an entire article. In contrast, 80 percent of online visitors will watch an entire video. That means that your best brand advocate can write a marvelous story about how awesome you are, and you’ll still not get as much out of it as when it’s presented over video. Want your message to stick? Start sharing videos on social media or make sure people talk about you in their videos. It’s an awesome way to get attention and people just prefer it over written content.

Mobile devices changed the landscape

The amount of smartphones and tablets in use has reached epic proportions. And what’s more — every day, more and more people use them to view online video content. Video engagement on mobile devices is huge. In 2013, 72.1 million smartphone users watched videos on their devices every month.

Now take into account the growth of mobile-focused video platforms like Periscope, Meerkat, and Vine. Vine, for example, has 100 million viewers each month — and all three together add up to 1.5 billion Vine loops. That’s huge.

The first thing your customers do is read the headline, unless…

Just like an article or a blog post, a title is still that one thing that draws people in. So, while uploading or sharing a video, don’t forget to spend time on a good title. After all, a full 80% of your audience will read your headline copy while only 20% will bother to look at the rest, and from an SEO perspective, the title can be your best bet at a little optimization.

Specifically on social media, things become a bit more complex, and your headline isn’t the only thing that comes into play. Suddenly, knowing who is talking about your brand weighs more heavily into your audience’s decision to view a given piece of content. This is especially true when people can subscribe to a person like they can on Youtube and Vine.

To round us out, here are a few words from Neal Schaffer, social media speaker and co-founder of the Social Tools Summit. Neal presents his views on visual approaches to social media and says, “I believe the most important factor to making your social media strategy successful will be a strategic approach to leveraging the visual. A visual approach to social marketing will help you be more effective in social media through greater differentiation and a deeper emotional impact with your posting.” Influencer marketing firms, like NeoReach, are available to create campaigns and push content. Be sure to contact one for advice or assistance for marketing strategies and campaign advantages.

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