7 Reasons Why You Should Use VoLTE

volteWhat is VoLTE?

Voice over Long Term Evolution (VoLTE) is based on the LTE technology. VoLTE gives us the ability to use voice and data at the same time and also has better sounding voice calls. It allows you to place a call when your high-speed data connection is active, thereby performing both the activities simultaneously. There are more features of VoLTE that are beneficial to us and it’s better that we adapt to this technology as soon as possible. Following are seven reasons on why to use VoLTE –

1. Simultaneous Data and Voice calls

This is the main feature of VoLTE, suppose that you’re out and talking on your phone and suddenly you remember to book tickets for a movie for you and your significant other. The 3G way was to disconnect the phone and then book tickets, but not in VoLTE, here you just navigate to the app or browser and book your tickets without disconnecting the call.

2. Better Quality Voice calls

The VoLTE has a feature called High Definition (HD) Voice calling. The quality is way better than 2G and 3G networks as more data is transferred. To be precise, in VoLTE the data transferred is 3 times more than 3G and six times more than 2G. That amount of data transferred not only makes the voice crystal clear to hear, but one can also understand the tone of the voice.

3. Improved Coverage and Connectivity

The VoLTE connects calls twice as fast compared to the current mobile networks. Also, as there are 2G and 3G signals already present even if the 4G signal disappears there would be connectivity present. Also, there are certain spectrums on which 4G works that provide more reach than 2G or 3G spectrums.

4. Great Battery Life

4G with VoLTE increases battery life as there is no switching to 2G or 3G while receiving or making calls. The constant switching causes a lot of battery drainage which is diminished with VoLTE.

5. Superior Video Calling

It’s possible with VoLTE to make video calls in 4G, but it will be without relying on 3rd party apps or separate accounts. You will be making and receiving video calls on your mobile number with the regular dialer and call interface.

6. No increase in voice charges

Since the HD calling feature of the VoLTE uses your data network, one may assume that it will eat into your data package and increase expenditure. Well, that’s not the case as the mobile companies bifurcate voice packets and do not include them in your data package, resulting in no increase in voice charges.

7. Rich Communication Services (RCS)

VoLTE enables a new set of standards-based services called as Rich Communication Service (RCS). This service enables features like file transfer, video calling, video voicemail, instant messaging and real time language translation and can be accessed directly from your phone’s native dialer, no need of opening a separate application.
Currently there are only a few 4G smartphones in India that are VoLTE enabled. However, many mobile manufacturing companies are developing VoLTE 4G phones that will be soon launched. VoLTE will certainly revolutionize the smartphone world and is definitely a welcome change in the Indian telecommunication market.

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