Salient Features of 4G Technology

4g technologyMobile phone evolution is much similar to human evolution, just speed it up like a million times. Within 2 decades mobile phones has transformed from a brick to a multitasking gadget. Mobile phones when it was introduced was bigger than the cordless phones of today and could be used only to call or text. By now you can imagine the level of transformation this device went through in two decades, crucial to this was the progress of mobile data, from 1G to 4G internet speeds this converted our cellular devices into smartphones.

Mobile internet allowed the users to perform tasks other than just messaging and calling, but then the speed used to come into play. 2G wasn’t fast enough to perform tasks and limited the use of a smartphone. When 3G arrived it was fast enough to perform several tasks of a smartphone but as new technology arrived such as HD video streaming, HD video calls and much more, it demanded for a faster connection. To cater to these growing demands 4G was launched, it promised speeds that were better than your home broadband connection. Following are some salient features of 4G –

1. Faster Speed

4G connection is 4-5 times faster than its predecessors. Imagine a scenario where you can download an entire movie in a few minutes that is what 4G is capable of doing. It gives you the ability to download larger files within seconds, you can also stream HD videos and perform HD video calls.

2. Better Signal

Being the latest in technology expect 4G to have better signal. As internet has to be available 24/7 the signal of 4G has to be strong. Most of the businesses are dependent on internet and 4G being the fastest needs to have the better signal.

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3. Wider Coverage

4G networks offer wider coverage compared to their predecessors. A Wi-Fi has limited coverage ranging to just a few hundred feet. A 4G connection turns your entire block into a hotspot and even if it drops there’s always 3G backup, rest assured the user will be assured connectivity at all times.

4. Affordability

The cost of a 4G connection is affordable as it’s newly arrived and companies are striving to reach maximum number of users. They prices are also slashed as network companies want to entice new users into the 4G mobile phone market.

The above mentioned pointers are the salient features of 4G, there are several more, but these are what sets it apart, the primary being speed.

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