Smart Home Automation Solutions

smart homeTechnology has given a new dimension to the lifestyles of people. It provides us with many comforts making our daily life simpler. Technology advancements have changed the way we used our home appliances. These home appliances have become smarter; and with such smart appliances, we can create smart homes for ourselves.

Home automation systems are either centralized and programmable or decentralized with isolated control systems for each sensor. Systems range from a sophisticated centralized wireless/wired control that manages each device from home entertainment systems, lighting, heating and cooling systems, to just a simple installation of motion sensors to control lights.

Simple devices like lights, doors, TV, etc. have transformed from the earlier times. They can now be controlled easily. Many systems are available in the market for this purpose. But the best system is the one which gives the following prime features:

  • Ability to control the varied appliances from anywhere one travels using his mobile. Ability to switch on/off or regulate them giving a new look to home automation
  • Ability to monitor the energy usage of the appliances. The system also makes the device intelligent as it can keep a check on its power consumption
  • The system should also notify the user if someone tries to breach the property with proper security measures and CCTV footages
  • Connectivity is of prime importance. Every device needs to communicate with each other
  • A system with a Java based desktop app is a must
  • The key to any system lies in its functioning. The best automation system is expected to give error-free and quick operations

It boils down to this; an ideal home automation system should contain the following 4 key features:

1. Home appliances control

Control for all your home appliances. It should allow you to schedule on and off timings. Operation of lights, doors, fridge, AC, speakers, media player, boiler, electric motor, washing machine, etc. should be enabled.

2. Multimedia

All your multimedia data should be accessible with the system. The system should also allow you to play multimedia content using your mobile phones – TV, tablet, and digital photo frame so your cell phone now becomes the new remote control of your TV.

3. Energy Metering

You system should allow you to optimize power consumption. It should provide details of the energy used, and the rates charged for the same. This will help you to get accurate bills and verify in cases of doubt.

4. Security and surveillance

Control for all sensors and security cameras including CCTV cameras, motion sensors, smoke detectors, burglar alarm, etc. is another crucial consideration You should be able to control all these sensors and detectors from anywhere with your mobile. It should also notify you when someone tries to enter the property in an unusual manner.

In conclusion, home automation systems should offer reliability, flexibility and tailored solutions for individual home’s needs. A smart home system should integrate seamlessly into the day-today living to create a totally unique lifestyle. Click here to know more about smart home automation solutions.

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