Marketing Potential of Snapchat

snapchatFirst it was Google Adwords, followed by Facebook, and then Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest, and Vine. Now, Snapchat is the newest marketing platform on the block. The question is: can it deliver? What is the marketing potential of Snapchat? 

Can businesses generate significant revenue from advertising on the platform? After all, Snapchat was developed around the idea of privacy and self-destructing messages, so technically businesses, and marketers, weren’t necessarily intended to be able to target their audiences. That said, we have also learned that Snapchat photos are not so permanently lost or deleted.

And of course, the reality is that some brands have already started using Snapchat. When you consider that there are currently 26 million users in the US alone and 200+ million globally, you can quickly see the potential.

Right now, Snapchat doesn’t have an advertising dashboard like Google Adwords, Facebook or Twitter. Messages are usually posted in the form of stories or one-time snap offers.

How Can Businesses Use the Platform for Maximum Results?

While there’s no exact rulebook or strategy guide, we have looked at various brands on Snapchat to see what they’re doing to drive engagement and increase revenue sometimes.

Urgent and Timed Offers

Since you can post a very short video as your story that will only last 24 hours, you can easily create a series of video skits that offer timed and special offers. More importantly, you might want to try exclusive offers that will expire within the day for your Snapchat followers alone.

These have proven to work among many businesses and will most likely work for yours as long as you have done your due diligence in building and nurturing your fan base, using what could otherwise be viewed as a limitation to the platform’s marketing potential as a means to generate excitement and a more urgent sense of engagement with your brand.

New Product Launch Sneak Peek

If you have a new product or service to roll out, try offering sneak peeks into it. Show them some of the awesome things the product does and then include a call to action for them to get it at a certain URL or local store. Better still, include a specific coupon that becomes invalid within 24 hours. This will encourage rabid buying and interest in your products and services.

Engage Your Audience Frequently

For instance, in much the same fashion as Vine, you could create a very short behind-the-scenes videos or company events…as long as it’s interesting and cool, people are going to be interested.

Most importantly, engage them on the channel as frequently as possible. It can be difficult to manage the time for it while you are running a business but constant engagement is key. For example, nothing stops you from featuring one fan or follower as well as a satisfied customer every day.

Utilize for Contests and Raffles

This is great for organizing contests and raffles. You could, for example, ask people to upload their own pictures of using your product or doing something with it to qualify for a contest or a raffle draw. People love that kind of thing, and it drives engagement a lot while providing you with additional content.

Cross Promote on Different Social Networking Accounts

One of the best ways to build and grow your Snapchat account is to promote it on multiple social media networks. We would suggest incentivizing it. For instance, you could borrow a leaf from Acura when they launched their latest NSX car model.
They offered an exclusive preview to the first 100 Snapchat users who followed them and joined their channel. These ads were placed on their Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts. Naturally, they exceeded their goals and grew their audience.

Promote Your Snapchat Account Using Influencers

Social influencers can do wonders for your Snapchat account. If you don’t have any followers right now, it’s the fastest way to build an audience. All you have to do is hire an influencer, like teen retailer Wet Seal did, to handle your account for a few days and watch as they enhance your campaign. Then, you can take over when you’re satisfied with their work. Companies, such as NeoReach can assist you with finding the right influencer for your company through their social media marketing platform.

About the Author: Oscar King is a freelance writer and small business owner who contributes articles and insights into trends and challenges in today’s ever-changing business world.

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