Spotlight on: HRS recruitment software

Job recruitmentTackling a mountain of physical CVs and covering letters is a thing of the past for many employers. Nowadays, candidates submit their applications via online forms, with many companies now deploying recruitment software to effectively manage and track potential candidates.

While there are many options currently on the market, HRS is one of the most prominent — dubbed as the software ‘designed by recruiters for recruiters’. Now a premier recruitment software company, the brand was started by Carl Holst-Roness, who recognised a gap in the market during his time working in recruitment.

Eldon Jobe was one of Holst-Roness’ earliest customers, with the software playing a vital part in Jobe’s £1 million turnover. Recognising the power and capability of the software, Jobe made an initial £100,000 investment. Strengthened by £250,000 funding from the Finance for Business North East Growth Fund, investments quickly rose to over £1 million.

As the software developed and its popularity grew, HRS recruitment software is now found in some of the largest and most influential businesses. And, with its ability to streamline the recruitment process, manage and track candidates, and match applicants to the correct role, it’s easy to see why the brand has gone from strength to strength.

Of course, in order to maintain its position as an industry leader, HRS has tailored its services to meet the ever-changing needs of the recruitment industry. To meet the needs of recruitment professionals who work on the move, for example, the software is compatible with smartphones, tablets and desktop devices.

Likewise, the software can be used alongside social media, helping to increase a business’s candidate pool. As we become increasingly dependent on social media, this move proves that HRS Recruitment is a step ahead of the curve.

So what does the future hold for the company, which is headquartered in the Newcastle upon Tyne? Continuing as a premier recruitment software provider, HRS now has plans to target markets in the USA and Asia. Above all, the brand will maintain its position as an industry leader, further developing its software to benefit specialist companies across the globe.

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