How Technology Can Help to Keep Your Pet Safe While at Work

technology to keep your pet safeWhen we open our home to a pet, in return they give us happiness, their loyalty, and endless love. When we open our home to a pet, we also take on a huge responsibility – the safety and happiness of a living and feeling creature. When we open our home to a pet, we also place some of our physical property and often-beloved items at risk. To increase the love and happiness pets bring while taking the risk out of the picture, we have a few tips you can follow.

Keep Track Of Your Dog

We can’t blame dogs for loving the outdoors, for loving to roam free, and occasionally for trying to, or succeeding in, escaping to explore their surroundings. But, to ensure that this exploration goes without harm or permanent loss, owners are advised to attach a GPS device to their pet’s collars. This way, if your dog decides to embark on an adventure, whether it’s to find you, to join a fellow companion, or to chase an enemy/playmate – the squirrel, you will receive an alert, and can take the appropriate steps to locate him/her and ensure his/her safety.

Keep Watch…Always

Install a security camera. Have you ever wondered what your dog is doing while you are away or at work? Whether this wonder is out of curiosity or concern, installing a security camera is a great solution to keep your pets safe and secure. Some security cameras also offer the option to monitor or view the captured footage on your smartphone via an app. Others even have the option to speak via the security system, which means you can deter your pets from doing what they are not suppose to, let them know you are “there,” and even comfort them when they seem scared or anxious.

Keep Them Feeling Secure And Comfortable

Your dog doesn’t often disobey or chew through your couch or favourite chair out of spite, but rather out of anxiety and fear. What is one of the things dogs hate and fear most? You guessed it – thunderstorms. Even when you are around during a thunderstorm, it often seems like there isn’t much you can do to comfort your pooch. A great device has been designed to take care of this heart-wrenching situation. The Thundershirt is a stylish doggie outfit, which actually induces a sensation that is effectively calming, and the best part is, it has this effect during various situations.

Keep Away Undesirables And Replace Them With Treats

Whether it’s a remote control, your shoes, or a child’s toy, your dog can’t distinguish human toys from doggie toys. Therefore, your vigilance is important. Make sure that what is not your dog’s chew toy – or that which you don’t want to turn into your dog’s chew toy – is out of his/her reach and sight. Thus, keep your house tidy and give him/her another option. Here is where food-dispensing toys come in handy. These toys will keep your dog entertained for a long time, challenged, and out of trouble.

Keep Your Dog Safe; Use Logic

Don’t forget about the basics. One of the best things you can do is walk your dog before you leave the house. If you are a morning runner, take your dog on runs with you.  Remember, a tired dog equals a calmer and happier dog. Other must-do essentials include, keeping the collar on with your phone number, ensuring that smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are working, turning off the stove, checking the ac/heat, and others safety checks.

Take these tips into consideration, follow your logic, and keep your pets safe and happy.

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