Why You Should Not Use Your Laptop On Your Lap

are you always using your laptop on your lapIn today’s society, many people own and regularly use laptop computers. They are extremely convenient and portable, making them a popular choice for consumers.

However, there are some negative aspects of using a laptop that you may not realize.

Contradicting the name “laptop“, there are actually several reasons not to use your laptop on your lap, as well as reasons why you shouldn’t use it within a few hours of going to bed. Even more serious health concerns related to exposure to the electromagnetic frequencies associated with WiFi use have been reported.

This is why it is important to follow these health care tips when working with computers, especially laptops.

Electromagnetic Fields

Most of us have heard reports about electromagnetic exposure during cell phone usage, which has raised some concerns in the past. The same theories hold true for WiFi use in laptop computers. In animal studies, research has discovered that 143 brain proteins are affected negatively when exposed to such radiation over an eight month period. Cell phones were used in these studies, however, it is thought that the same results can occur with the EMF given off by laptops. It is highly likely that when we use laptops directly on our laps, that we are exposing our bodies to high levels of electromagnetic fields that certainly cannot be good for us.

A good way to lessen the exposure is to use the laptop placed on a table, desk, or other stationary surface. To further lessen exposure, consider swapping the laptop for using a regular desktop model when possible. By using an external keyboard, you are also minimizing the exposure to EMF by not typing on the laptop keyboard directly.

Do Not Use Laptop on Your Lap, Especially Men

If you are a man who is interested in having children, there are some very important reasons not to use your laptop on your lap. Research has shown that using a laptop on your lap can actually damage the quality of human sperm, within only a few hours of use. The heat generated by the computer when used on the lap can also cause the scrotum to overheat and cause damage within the first ten to fifteen minutes of exposure. If you are a regular male laptop user and place the laptop on your lap, you could be harming your testicles as well as decreasing the production of sperm significantly.

It is thought that male exposure to electromagnetic frequencies is currently contributing to the reason why so many women are having difficulty becoming pregnant. An even scarier thought, exposure to Internet WiFi when directly placed on the lap has also been associated with damage to DNA, resulting in DNA fragmentation. So guys, think twice before putting that laptop on your lap next time.

Head, Neck ,and Wrist Issues

The way that a laptop computer is designed can increase the risk for strain on the head and neck, as well as the hand and wrists. This is a result of poor posture or awkward positioning of the body to accommodate the design of the computer. To avoid these issues, sit in a comfortable chair and place the laptop on a desk or table.

Stay off The Computer Right Before Bed to Promote Sleep

It has been shown that light emitted by computer screens may affect users ability to sleep properly. Not only do electronics stimulate your brain which interferes with the ability to drift off to sleep, the artificial light at nighttime can actually mess with chemicals in the brain that help us fall asleep.

The hormone melatonin is essential in regulating our body’s internal clock and is an important part of the entire sleep cycle. Light from your laptop, when used at night, can actually substantially lower the levels of melatonin, making it difficult to fall asleep. Suppression of melatonin is not only linked to disturbance in sleep, but to other health issues such as increasing the risk for developing diabetes, obesity, and other types of disorders.


To minimize health risks associated with using your laptop, alternate laptop use with desktop use if possible, to minimize EMF exposure. It is also thought that adding the common spice Turmeric to your diet can help protect yourself from radiation, as it possesses many health benefits, one being that it is a radioprotective substance. Also, limit laptop use in the hours right before bedtime to promote sleep, and of course try not to use your laptop on your lap.

[Image source: Arthur, Flickr]

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