PC Gaming is Here to Stay! Here’s why…

With all of the popular console gaming systems on the market today, some people feel that PC gaming will one day become a thing of the past. Even though console type gaming systems are a hot commodity and will most likely continue to be, it is still highly unlikely that PC gaming will ever disappear. There are several reasons for this.

PC gaming

Console Game Systems are Ever Changing

One thing that gives PC gaming an advantage over console game systems is that every year or so, a new gaming system comes out. Whether it be one or more of the most popular game system makers, it seems that almost yearly a “new and improved” version comes out, almost making the older version of the system obsolete. Naturally, if people are really into their games, they want the latest version, making console gaming systems an expensive hobby since they need to be updated frequently to keep up with the best technology.

PC Gaming is Convenient

Most people use their computers several times throughout the day for various reasons. Whether using your PC for work or play, it’s easy to sneak in a few minutes of PC gaming to give yourself a little break. People can’t generally bring their console game systems with them to work to play during breaks or lunchtime, however, they can hop online to play a free game or two. Having games readily available on the PC make it a convenient alternative to console game systems. Since most people already have access to a computer, PC gaming is a natural choice to turn to for entertainment.


PC gaming can allow users the freedom to express their creativity. Unlike with games for the console systems that are licensed products made by large companies, anyone with a little programming know how and creativity can work to independently develop a game. Tools are available online to help those interested in creating their own games. There are also companies that support indie developers and allow them to publish their created PC games online.

Cost of PC Gaming is Low

If you can’t afford keeping up with the latest version of a console gaming system, or with purchasing the latest games, PC gaming gives users an affordable option. There are many free games to play online as well as already built into your PC. There are also sites that allow users to join and play games at a low cost. Many people also enjoy playing PC games on social media sites such as Facebook, where they can participate along with their friends. Even classic games can be found online to play for free, bringing back a bit of nostalgia for those who remember the golden age of Atari.


When considering all of these positive attributes associated with PC gaming, it is easy to understand why PC gaming will live forever. Whether someone is very into gaming, or only plays games on occasion, there is something available in the large array of PC gaming selections to suit everyone.

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